WELCOME to Kelmscott Adult Riders


KARC is a local equine sporting group that meets on the third Saturday of every month for fun and fitness for horse and rider. In the spirit of community values, teamwork and life long learning, members receive lessons from 2 qualified instructors at each rally in the disciplines of dressage and show jumping. With members aged 18-60+ adult riding clubs all over the nation encourage a healthy and social lifestyle and reward active participation whilst teaching sound animal care. Our rally's are held at at Palomino Park Champion Lakes.

If you're interested in joining  KARC for 2019 or would like any information, email Cara Rickman or Nicole Groves at with any questions.  The 2019 Enrolment pack is available below

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               Kelmscott Adult Riding Club

An adult horse riding club now based in Champion Lakes, Western Australia.  We hold rallies once a month, with a dressage and a showjumping lesson, and are affiliated with ARCA (Adult Riding Club Association).